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At JST (pronounced JUST) Butler Enterprises we believe if you treat yourself with healthy treats, the skin will follow. If you soothe the skin with softness, then the mind is free to receive the essence of our aromas. Our All Natural, Soy based Candles are made with scents that calm the mind, body, and soul.  Love and Nourish your body with JST Natural Products. Heritage treatments for skin have aided in skin care over the years. A proven alternative to traditional lotions, JST Naturale contains Shea, Coconut and Tea Tree Oil as well as other natural ingredients, that soothe and heal dry sensitive skin.  JST Vegan Pastries are made with 100% All Natural, Organic Ingredients. For years we were trained that for it to taste good, it had to contain ingredients that were not always good for us. Diabetes and High Blood Pressure are Diet Driven. Our fresh baked, Homemade Desserts are so sweet and delicious, you will wonder if they're even Vegan!!