When you know better, You do better!



We’ve all heard the saying time and time again, unfortunately for some it just does not resonate.  We live in a world where many would rather stay blind to the ugly truths that surround us than make a change in their lives.  It turns out we really are our own worst enemy.  To some ignorance is bliss and I cannot say that I disagree, because with great knowledge comes great responsibility.  Now that I know better, I have no choice but to take on this responsibility in sharing what I’ve learned with you all.  



In order to grasp the realities that surround us, we must first cater to ourselves in these three major ways.  First, we must care about what we put into our bodies. The foods we ingest are vital to how we feel, the way our blood flows and the way our minds work.  Secondly, we must also be conscious of what we put on our bodies, seeing as those things are absorbed into our bloodstream as well. When we ensure our bodies are receiving the highest quality of nutrients, our minds start to work in ways we could never imagine. Having your mind and body in balance brings me to our third point, the Spirit.  You will experience a higher sense of self, understanding, and happiness when your spirit has been properly nurtured through the care of your mind and body.  These three key points of our lives are forever connected. You cannot be the best you without harmony between these areas.  So, when one aspect is off you can explore the other two areas of your life and see where the balance has been interrupted.



                In 2010, I became very ill.  Constantly vomiting, no appetite, severe stomach pains, and no answer for months on what was wrong with me!  After 6 months of this antagonizing pain, I finally had an answer, a nonfunctioning gallbladder.  Why this took so long to diagnose is beyond me, but what I do know is that within that time I had to be careful of what I ate and even after the removal of my gallbladder I still could not digest certain foods I had normally consumed.  This all led me to start being more aware and conscious of what I was eating.  Our bodies are all unique and there are many alternatives one may take on the road to becoming a healthier version of themselves.  Of course, being vegan would be ideal, but I’m only urging you to at the least start making efforts of researching the things you eat. Are they organic?  Does it contain harmful chemicals or preservatives?  Many diseases we experience are diet based, not hereditary. The hereditary part comes in when those same recipes are being passed down generation after generation.  But that’s a blog for another time, let’s not forget about our body care products!  Once it was brought to my attention that the skin care products we use do enter into our system, it raised A LOT of questions.  I am mindful that many of you are aware of this science, but shockingly a greater majority of the world is not.  As a child, I suffered with stubborn acne and dark spots. I tried many skin care products but would end up with more damaged skin than what I started with.  Many products burned my skin and further irritated my acne problems.  Most call this sensitive skin, but I now call it using the wrong damn things.  Once I changed my diet and used more natural remedies, many times plain water, I began to experience relief from acne and no longer felt the need to hide from the world.  We think the road to a healthier life is a hard, impossible journey and I’m here to tell you nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it!  Your spirit deserves happiness.  Even if you only take a few minutes a day to isolate yourself from all distractions and think within your mind, you can have more clarity and focus throughout your day.  Meditation does not require fancy incense and hours of silence.  We fail to realize we unknowingly meditate without trying.  When you find yourself daydreaming or there is an issue that stays on your mind, you are one step away from being able to zone in on those thoughts and manifest them into your reality.  In this life it is simply mind over matter, and when you know it all that’s left is to do it!




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